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Welcome to the BulldogsAbroad Portal!

Look out for updated W'international Announcements in May! 


W'International Eligibility

You are only eligible for W'International in your JUNIOR YEAR (with some exceptions for transfers, early college, etc.). Only sign up for W'International if you are a RISING JUNIOR and/or if you have confirmed your eligibility with the Office of International Programs (email to confirm).
  • Full time undergraduate enrollment during the semester of participation.
  • Junior class standing (57 - 86 hours earned). A student who does not participate during his/her junior year forfeits eligibility. Transfer students must have completed at least one semester as a full-time student and be classified as a junior. AP/dual enrollment/proficiency credit hours (credit earned before official enrollment at Wingate University) can count in the total cumulative hours (although those hours will not count against a student if he/she wishes to count only those hours earned at Wingate after official enrollment).
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA by the beginning of the semester of participation.
  • All debts and financial encumbrances, such as tuition and board, library fines, insurance fees, parking tickets, etc., must be reconciled before departure. All payments need to be made by December 1st (fall programs) and April 1st (spring programs).
  • A student on academic or disciplinary probation during the semester of the course will become ineligible. .
Registration is based on a RANDOMIZED LOTTERY. Actual registration is pending eligibility.